Property & Land Development

Ceres New Zealand is directly involved in property and land development offering experience associated with heritage building and other highly sensitive projects.

There are many issues that can arise with development projects, but our experience allows us to anticipate potential issues and implement suitable solutions to keep the project going. Whether you are a commercial or residential developer, we are equipped to handle your large-scale development projects. Having experts from Ceres NZ can ensure that your development is smooth from start to finish.

Ceres NZ property and land development

Our Developments:

The Peterborough

The British-influenced construction in Christchurch, NZ did not fare well after the violent 2011 earthquakes in the area. As a result, very few historic buildings remained standing. Ceres NZ retrofitted The Peterborough—once slated for demolition—thus retaining one of the most pristine examples of heritage construction remaining in Christchurch.

Ceres is the Construction Manager for the repair of this prominent building. Efforts to save this building were received with great community support, in a city where the mantra to date has been “out with old and in with the new”. The support we received from parties with vested interest ranged from The Historic Places Trust, Christchurch City Council, and CERA to the general public, who are excited to retain some heritage amidst the rubble.

The Peterborough retrofitted after 2011 earthquakes by Ceres NZ
Antigua office Ceres NZ seismically retrofitted

Victoria Mansions

The heritage-listed building in central Christchurch is situated just behind the iconic Victoria Clock Tower. The building was designed with a clear Art Deco influence. Victoria Mansions was ready for occupation in 1936 with five apartments on each floor and an additional single rooftop apartment. The building was damaged in the February 2011 earthquake and has since stood empty.

Overall plans for the site are not finalised, however, initial plans combine the restoration of Victoria Mansions and additional development on vacated space at 91 Victoria Street.

Antigua Office

The two-story facility comprises 20 unit-titled commercial office spaces in a U-shaped structure. Ceres NZ seismically retrofitted the building to 100% Code compliance. The building is currently fully tenanted and sits in a prime real estate location directly across from the site of the first “Significant Building” (the Athletic Center) planned as part of the Central City Rebuild Master Plan.