Our Quality Assurance Philosophy

Ceres NZ will adopt, lead, and fully support a formal and continuing program of review, evaluation, and improvement of our operations at all levels and across all businesses, and will provide our customers with the highest quality products and services that meet or exceed their needs, requirements, and expectations.

Ceres NZ believes in the importance attached to Quality Assurance Systems and Control, and the need to establish clear goals and strategies to implement and monitor preventative programs, practices, and responsibilities.
It is our policy to align ourselves with all requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Systems, relevant New Zealand Standards, Engineering Codes, and approved codes of practice. Through a process of continual improvement, we ask all employees to strive to achieve zero tolerance for errors, non-conformance, and non-acceptable standards of work.

The Management Team will,

  • Accept their responsibilities stated within Company policies and procedures
  • Make every reasonable effort to provide correct information to employees on time every time to allow successful completion of works and services
  • Develop quality awareness throughout the company
  • Ensure all supervisory staff are aware of, and accept their responsibilities to implement and integrate company policies and procedures in the workplace and
  • Establish and review measurable objectives

In return, Ceres NZ seeks the cooperation of all employees through consultation and involvement to:

  • Always follow Company Policies and Procedures and applicable standards
  • Maintain and respect all materials and equipment provided
  • Use and maintain tools and inspection and test equipment in a proper manner; and
  • Co-operate with support and promote Quality Assurance and Control in the workplace

November 2022