Environmental Management

Finding sustainable environmental management solutions for the people of New Zealand.

Ceres New Zealand works to continuously maintain and improve the state of our environmental resources. We provide environmental management services, waste prevention, waste management, and recycling services including:

  • Concrete and Masonry Crushing and Recycling
  • Metals Recapture and Reuse
  • Salvage of Building Contents and Materials
  • Recycling of Waste Oils and Fluids
  • Municipal Solid Waste/Landfill Management
Finding sustainable env mgmt solutions
Construction and Demolition debris stream by Ceres NZ

Construction and Demolition (C&D) Management, Recycling, and Beneficial Reuse

Ceres NZ has comprehensive management experience handling C&D from a variety of disasters and developed the Standard Operating Procedures specifically for the management, recycling, and beneficial use of C&D materials. The C&D debris stream can include drywall, carpet, furniture, e-waste, and vehicles.

Within the C&D debris stream, primary recyclables include scrap steel, tires, metals, glass, wood, concrete, and plastics. Ceres NZ uses segregation procedures and type-specific collection crews to collect C&D materials and stage those materials at a Debris Management Site (DMS) for recycling.