Disaster Response

Trust Ceres New Zealand for quick and efficient disaster response.

Earthquakes, tornados, floods, and hurricanes are some of the natural disasters that happen. Natural and man-made disasters can occur at any time. The reaction is often fear and panic, but those can cause even further damage during difficult times. Ceres provides calm and efficient disaster response services during the time you need it most.

The healthy recovery of a community after a disaster is dependent on the response and recovery efforts that occur immediately after disaster strikes. Ceres NZ is equipped to immediately mobilize our team to aid in rescue and recovery efforts, as well as to help communities recover after a disaster. We have the most advanced equipment and skilled personnel to ensure that our disaster response efforts are carried out with the utmost efficiency.

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Disaster Recovery in New Zealand

Helping communities rebuild after a disaster is something we take pride in. We cannot always predict when disaster will strike, but we can come back better and stronger after it passes. Ceres NZ handles everything from removing debris to demolition and environmental management. We are the team to help you recover stronger.