Demolition & Deconstruction

Ceres New Zealand provides demolition and deconstruction services to clients in a variety of locations and emergencies.

Our skilled demolition and deconstruction team is comprised of operators and management professionals with backgrounds in environmental remediation, engineering, surveying, traditional demolition, and hazardous material handling. We have performed demolition and deconstruction services for a variety of projects in severe conditions and across a multitude of locations and geological conditions.

Ceres NZ provides demolition and deconstruction
Deconstruction and asbestos removal TSB Bank stand

Deconstruction Services

Property owners can choose to deconstruct a building instead of demolishing it for several reasons. It can be to salvage waste and keep reusable materials out of landfills or it can be to use a more environmentally-friendly alternative to demolition. Regardless of the reason, deconstruction services offer an innovative solution to bringing a building down.


Demolition services offered by Ceres New Zealand serves to quickly tear a property or structure down. Our experienced team ensures that the hazards of demolition are controlled or eliminated. We have the proper planning and execution techniques, as well as the personal protective gear and the most advanced equipment to work on any project.

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Demo & Decon services you can trust

Demolition & Deconstruction Services You Can Trust

Ceres New Zealand is the only choice for safe and efficient demolition and deconstruction services. We ensure that we remain compliant with all safety standards and that every project is completed with precision.