Our Health & Safety Philosophy

Ceres NZ’s health and safety philosophy starts with ethical conduct, integrity, mutual trust, and teamwork. To ensure continuous improvement, we challenge, test, re-evaluate and continually improve and strive to raise the standard of our health and safety practices. The heart of our safety program is our commitment to ensure everyone goes home healthy and safe after each work shift. Because safety is a value, it is never compromised. Considerable effort is made to eliminate or minimise risk for workers and others through our risk base systems. We recognise that all personnel have responsibilities concerning Health & Safety; therefore, they are expected to work safely and comply with all health and safety requirements. In meeting our commitment to health and safety, management complies with all legislative and relevant standard requirements and,

  • Are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment to prevent work-related injury, ill health, loss or damage to plant and people.
  • Are committed to actively involving staff members in setting yearly H&S Objectives for the forthcoming year
  • Are committed to ensuring fulfilment of all legal and other requirements on our work sites
  • Are committed to eliminating hazards and reducing risks as low as reasonably practicable
  • Are committed to continuous improvement of our Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Are committed to actively involving all employees in health and safety and business matters through consultation and participation
  • Are committed to determining and implementing business and action plans to give effect to the overall governing strategy
  • Are committed to implementing performance management processes for all workers that specify health and safety expectations, and provide feedback on performance
  • Are committed to ensuring the review of management performance against health and safety responsibilities is carried out
  • Are committed to leading the implementation and review process of health and safety management systems and programmes to endure ongoing effectiveness
  • Are committed to actively encouraging and insisting on all employees practising safe work methods
  • Are committed to providing supervision and training, as and when deemed necessary
  • Are committed to ensuring workers and other persons understand and accept their responsibility to promote a safe and healthy place of work
  • Are committed to recognising excellence in health and safety management and innovation
  • Are committed to taking remedial actions as required arising from any audit, assessment, review, or risk analysis
  • Are committed to encouraging the accurate reporting and recording of all incidents and hazards that occur in the workplace, investigate these incidents, and learn from them
  • Are committed to supporting and managing an early return to work program
  • Are committed to managing and maintaining a system for the health and safety of its workers through participation in the ongoing ISO 45001 certification process
  • Are committed to upholding the availability and communication to interested parties and stakeholders
  • Are committed to establishing emergency procedures to control emergencies

November 2022