Ceres New Zealand offers safe and technologically advanced implosion services in New Zealand.

Implosion or explosive demolition is useful when traditional demolition cannot be utilized to bring a structure down. It is often the safest method of demolition for larger structures that are surrounded by other buildings or when the building is post-tension. Implosion is one of the most dangerous and complex operations in the construction industry, and it requires the expertise and knowledge that the Ceres team is equipped with.

ceres implosion christchurch NZ

Implosions in Christchurch, New Zealand

The implosion experts at Ceres saw implosion as the best option for some buildings in Christchurch when they were left structurally compromised after the earthquakes in 2011. New Zealand had never before allowed implosion as a means to demolish buildings, but we joined forces with experts from the U.S.- based Controlled Demolition Inc. and the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) to develop a protocol and regulations for this protocol.

Ceres carried out the first implosion in New Zealand on the 14-storey Radio Network Building in Christchurch. We have carried out many more implosions since then and our company is a trusted name in implosion services.